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Henry David Thoreau

  "There will never be a truly enlightened
   State, until the State comes comes to
   recognize the individual as a higher
   independent power, from which all
   its own power and authority are
   derived, and treats him accordingly."


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Hunting is a natural right and the use of traditional hunting weapons a cultural right.

 Commercial Surrogacy

Commercial surrogacy commodifies children and exploits poor women.

 Direct Democracy

Direct democracy helps protect human rights by making governments more accountable.


Euthanasia and assisted suicide normalize the killing of the weak so are rightly banned.

 In Vitro Fertilization

IVF increases the incidence of underweight babies and structural defects.

 Living the Truth

Citizens must develop a posture of spiritual belligerency in order to defend their freedom.

 National ID Card

ID card schemes do not reduce crime or terrorism and endanger privacy and liberty.

 Neglected Generations

Children have a right to a male and a female gender role model in their lives.

 Nuclear Power

Uranium fuelled reactors are dangerous so must be replaced with thorium fuelled reactors.

 Police Brutality

A lack of accountability, militarization, and the dehumanization of offenders fuels brutality.

 Protecting Minorities

More must be done to help prevent genocide, notably extend the jurisdiction of the ICC.

 Safeguard Democracy

Democracies are vunlerable to coups and insurrections, hence the need for safeguards.

 Sex Trafficking

Much more needs to be done to reduce the sexual trafficking of women and girls.

 Social Cohesiveness

Nations need a humane secular narrative to help bind together their disparate elements.

 Stalk Victims

Provide vulnerable low income victims with a bodyguard until they can guard themselves.

 Trans Rights

Trans people must be protected without impinging on protections for other groups.

 Wars of Aggression

Leaders who start wars of aggression must be held accountable for their actions.

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"Human rights rest on human dignity. The dignity of man is an ideal worth fighting for and dying for."  – Robert C. Maynard

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