The Human Rights Coalition
  (Australia) is committed to
  preventing the abuse, neglect,
  exploitation and endangerment
  of our fellow human beings.

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 Child Marriage
Marriages involving children are not in the public interest as they validate the exploitation of children by adults.

 Commercial Surrogacy
Commercial surrogacy commodifies children and diminishes the dignity of poor women who are exploited by the wealthy.

 Direct Democracy
Direct democracy helps protect human rights by making governments more accountable.

Euthanasia and assisted suicide normalize the killing of the weak so are rightly banned.

 Forced Abortions
China's coercive population control policy includes forced abortions and sterilizations.

 In Vitro Fertilization
IVF increases the incidence of underweight babies and structural defects.

 Living the Truth
Free citizens need to develop a posture of spiritual belligerency in order to defend their freedom.

 National ID Card
ID card schemes do not reduce crime or terrorism and endanger privacy and liberty.

 Nazi Gun Laws (webpage)
Could armed Jewish civilians have stopped the Nazi Holocaust during the Second World War?

 Neglected Generations
Children have a right to a male and a female gender role model in the form of a mother and a father figure.

 NZ Gun Laws
The NZ government's gun law reforms following the Christchurch terror attack have many shortcomings.

 Nuclear Power
Uranium fuelled nuclear reactors are inherently dangerous so should be replaced with thorium fuelled reactors.

 Police Brutality (webpage)
A lack of accountability, the militarization of police, and dehumanization of offenders fuels police brutality.

 Police Handguns
Police handguns must be fitted with a safety device that will help stop gun snatchers using them.

 Protecting Minorities
A multidimensional approach is needed to prevent genocide, notably extending the jurisdiction of the ICC.

 Safeguard Democracy (webpage)
Democracies are vunlerable to coups and insurrections, hence the need for safeguards.

 Sex Trafficking
More need to do more to reduce the sexual trafficking of women and girls.

 Social Cohesiveness
Nations need a humane secular narrative to help bind together their disparate elements.

 Stalk Victims
Provide victims with government funded bodyguards until they can guard themselves after undergoing suitable training.

 Wars of Aggression
Leaders who start wars of aggression must be held accountable for their actions.

Henry David Thoreau

"There will never be a truly enlightened State, until the State comes to recognize the individual as a higher and independent power, from which all its own power and authority are derived, and treats him accordingly."

- Henry David Thoreau

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